Good Health to You!

The apocryphal tale goes as follows: An older man saw his doc. He complained about his left knee. The frustrated physician said: “Do you not know that at your age, most people expect aches and pains like this?”

Answered the wise gent seated in the patient’s chair: “Now look here, doctor, my right knee is just as old and it doesn’t hurt!”

There you have it. Good health in one knee and an acting up in the other one. Know what that is like?

However, the myth is that age equals bad health. Truth is just the opposite. Half of those 75 to 84 are free of health problems that require special care or that cut through their activities.

Sociologist Berniuce Neugarten of Northwestern University states: “Even in the very oldest group, those above 85, more than one-third report no limitation due to health.”

Dr. Richard Besdine of the University of Connecticut says: “Aging doesn’t necessarily mean a life that is sick, senile, sexless, spent or sessile.”

Dr. John Rose, director of the division on aging at Harvard Medical School, says that “the new focus is not on life-span but on health-span.”

More attention is given to being fit, staying healthy, being nutrition-conscious, exercising, having an enthusiastic outlook, taking vitamins, heeding the latest medical advice, sharing this information with others.

Of course, medical professionals have recommended that older people follow strong recommendations to stay fit: keep out of the sun, cut back on drinking and stop smoking. Further, it is never too late to start good health habits.

It is also wise to keep a sound diet: stay away from foods rich in cholesterol or saturated fat. Eat plenty of fish and chicken. Eat foods with lots of high-fiber, such as whole-grain cereals and many fruits. Eat foods rich in vitamins A and C.

Exercise is at the top of the list. Walking is best. Keeping the body moving is keeping heart and lungs healthy. It also reduces anxiety. Physiologist William Evans of the United States Department of Agriculture — Tufts University center on aging says: “There is no group in our population that can benefit more from exercise than senior citizens. For a young person, exercise can increase physical function by perhaps l0%. But in an old person you can increase it by 50%.”

That is good news!

Carole Mayhall warns against becoming a “pouch potato.” She defines such a creature as “a couch potato with a paunch.” Terrific terminology! Insightful language!

II Corinthians 4:16-18 encourages us: “We do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed, day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

Such a passage helps the senior believer keep a reasonable balance between dealing with illness and thanking God for health and life itself. Every age has its drawbacks. Each year we live we are wrestling with something related to the physical body and the mind. However, in the consecrated life, God is at work through it all.

Therefore, the Christian understands that he is to be a good steward of the body temple God has provided. Having done that, he resigns all else to the Lord. There are divine designs at work that no eye can see — not even the doctor’s.

Qivana’s Debut on the Network Marketing Scene – Guts & Glory? Or Smoke & Mirrors?

Just like every industry in the world, there are new companies popping up in the direct sales market each and every day. In fact, I’ve noticed that many manufacturers of streamlined reliable products are switching their business model to referral marketing and many successful sales people are vying for the position to be top on the freelance pick to represent legitimate, proven products. This shift has certainly prompted me to investigate fully the nature and dynamics of the network marketing industry.

Perhaps you have heard about a new company called Qivana. Is it a scam? Or is it a legitimate business opportunity? This article will give you my experience of my thorough look at the timing, the company, the products, and the compensation plan.


I discovered that a key factor in the network marketing industry, also referred to as MLM (multi-level marketing), is timing. This makes perfect sense since the same is true in regards to the success of any business. Timing is two-fold. Timing of the product and entering the Company before it hits momentum. Qivana officially launched in April of 2009, so timing for capitalizing on its growth is ideal. As far as the product, Qivana is on the cutting-edge of technologies available to the wellness industry. As you will read below, its product is perfectly aligned with the transition people are making to valuing preventative health and Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM). In my opinion, to get involved with Qivana right now resembles the pow-wow MIT geeks had with Bill Gates while the rest of America was up in arms about what a home computer was, let alone organizing and literally depending upon computer assisted technologies for daily mainstream tasks.

The Company

Qivana is a direct sales company, also called a network marketing company. It was founded by 5 men:

* Derek Hall – Chief Executive Officer
* Rodney James – Chief Sales Officer
* Devin Glazier – Chief Financial Officer
* Justin Banner – Chief Strategy Officer
* Craig Johanson – Chief Marketing Officer

As a former business owner, what grabbed my attention was their experience. Not only their experience as C-Level execs determined to set the bar, but their familiarity with the network marketing industry, also called the MLM industry. These men tout 75 years combined as some of the most successful leaders in top MLM firms such as XanGo, NuSkin, and Tahitian Noni. Their personal resumes each carry weight of their own, but what captivated me was the joint decision of Johanson, Banner, James and Glazier to woo Hall out of retirement. After the four received the blessings to respectfully depart their previous roles, the five set up shop in Provo, Utah full speed ahead.

The Products

Many companies search for the silver bullet or jump on the coattails of the hottest fad. The Qivana founders took a slightly different approach. What they were sure of was the industry. Health and Wellness is one of the few industries rapidly growing during this recession. They also agreed that a consumable product with proven efficacy insured consumer satisfaction, repeat sales and notoriety amongst the competition. Rather than find the product and then attach a doctor’s credibility, the founders took the same approach as they had for finding a CEO. Qivana scoured the scene for an expert Scientific Advisory Board. Enter Dr. Marcus Laux, 30 plus year medical practitioner and naturopathic physician. Dr. Laux has served on the United States Scientific Advisory Board and been guest on many national television programs consulting on diabetes, obesity and even written several books on women’s health. Qivana’s QORE™ System is the first line to which Dr. Laux has ever attached his name.

Qivana embraced the design of a systems approach to health, adhering to Dr. Laux’s whole body approach to preventative health. Importantly, the QORE™ system introduces to America unprecedented Asian herbs researched by Dr. Laux and incorporates proprietary technology for the most efficient delivery of probiotics available today. The Qivana systems philosophy is Stabilize, Vitalize, Optimize.

Following this philosophy, the QOREc system is composed of three parts:

  1. STABILIZE by balancing intestinal flora daily to enhance immune defense and increase nutrient absorption with QORE Probiotic™
  2. VITALIZE the body’s core with a proprietary blend of proven adaptogenic healing herbs from Asia found in QORE Essentials™
  3. OPTIMIZE the body’s core 3-4 times each year with the total body cleansing proven to remove heavy metals from your bloodstream found in QORE Detox™ and/or with proprietary blend of healing mushrooms to build the body’s immunity in QORE Defense™.

Note: Qivana sought the advise of legendary Dr. Isaac Eliaz when designing the QORE Detox and QORE Defense recipes. Dr. Eliaz has been a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine since the early 1980s.

A second product line was introduced in January of 2010. Qivana invited Dr. Donald Layman to accompany Dr. Laux on the Scientific Advisory Board and to integrate his 30 years of research on nutrition and metabolism from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Enter Qivana’s MetaboliQ™ system. MetaboliQ™ is an unprecedented whole body approach to resetting and recharging metabolism in 30 to 90 days using a proven system of macro-balanced nutrition.

  1. STABILIZE your blood sugar with METABOLIQ™ Shakes and Sticks to reduce your cravings and fuel your body.*
  2. VITALIZE your metabolism with METABOLIQ™ Boost to burn calories and accelerate fat loss.*
  3. OPTIMIZE your calories with METABOLIQ™ Resist to block sugar receptors and inhibit sugar absorption.*

Qivana utilizes premium all-natural product and in some cases, organic, ingredients in all of their systems. Green tea and skulcap are more common ingredients with organic seaweed, modified citrus pectic, jiagulan (also called the Crown Herb), the blossom of white Korean Ginseng and touting to be the only baked protein bar on the consumer market (which, incidentally is deliciously disguised as a frosted brownie) as some of their trade secrets. Additionally, both Dr. Laux and Dr. Layman are highly regarded authors in their fields and provide specific reference books on The Crown Herb and on living a MetaboliQ Lifestyle.

The Compensation Plan

Qivana utilizes a hybrid binary pay plan. What this means is that you get paid as hard as you work and that there is no ‘pyramid’ effect of people on top getting paid more just because they heard about it first. Some of the most rapidly successful legend in the network marketing industry apply the binary compensation plan. Why? Because its fair and because it works.

To get involved with Qivana, one becomes an Independent Business Owner (IBO) by paying a one-time $45 fee. Next, the IBO places an initial order from $65 to $1,000 in order to earn commissions. Are you serious about building a business? Do you want to optimize the pay plan (get qualified for every level of eligibility)? While many companies require jumping hoops to actually reach all levels of pay, a Qivana IBO who comes in at $250 and maintains 225 points in personal volume (PV) optimizes all dimensions of the compensation plan payout. What I find exciting is that the points can come from personal orders or from customer orders. Plus, it is a non-flushing system which means as long as you have 2 IBOs enrolled who are on autoship for product each month, you get paid. Overall, entrepreneurs at all economic levels can enter this system with considerable gain by leveraging personal investment with building a consistent customer base.


In my experience, Qivana is not a scam. In fact, it is one of the most legitimate opportunities available for starting your own successful business. Now, does that mean that if you join Qivana you will immediately become a millionaire? No. The opportunity is just like starting any other business. If you are an expert in your field, you will get paid like an expert. And the glory of this network marketing Company is that to be an expert, you just talk about what you are up to and invite, invite, invite. Everything else is in place. Qivana’s system is reliable and consistent with the IBO’s needs at the forefront. Qivana’s product is exemplary and the marketing and packaging is downright sexy. The websites, videos and marketing tools are professional and effective and access to Qivana founders and doctors is easily attainable for consumers and for IBOs alike. So to get paid like an expert, you put in the time to put people in front of the tools available and give them a personal experience with the product line and the Qivana founders. If you work a little, you’ll get paid a little. If you work a lot, you’ll get paid a lot! And the treasure is that if you work consistently for 2 or 3 years, you will get paid even when you are not working down the road! With the structure of corporate America swindling to buyouts and scandals and the comfort of Pensions and IRAs vanishing into thin air, I highly recommend everyone finds a network marketing company that is a fit for your personal passion in order to grow a residual income while speculatively eluding the next round of layoffs. What’s your plan B?