Glory Days of Marketing – What Does That Look Like?

Have you heard of the concept of “Glory Days”? Basically what this means is those days when we are at the height of our success, vibrant health, or social desirability. Often this is associated with our youth, but Glory Days can actually come at any time in our lives. They are sustained times when we shine with vigor, our actions are effortlessly successful, and we hit that point of flow where it seems we “can do no wrong”. We are pitch perfect and whatever we do seems flawless. These times don’t last forever (or they wouldn’t be called Glory Days). Let’s take a minute to look at what the Glory Days of marketing might look like.

1) You attract the attention of your target market.

When you’re experiencing Glory Days, it’s easy to get the attention of your target market. They notice you. They are interested in your services. They recognize that you offer something they are looking for. It’s easy for them to imagine that your services could deliver the results they want to have. You feel very visible to your market and it’s not a huge effort to get that attention.

2) Your target market contacts you, asks you questions, and wants more information.

When you’re experiencing the Glory Days of marketing, your target market contacts you-by phone, e-mail, or from your web site. They have questions they want to ask you about how your services work. They have enough information that you don’t have to start at the beginning with them. They are eager to learn more and to find out what they need to know to buy. All this happens in an easy, informal, and low pressure way. It feels natural, unforced.

3) Your marketing is successful at delivering prospects who understand your business and want to pursue working with you.

When a prospect calls you, they already have some understanding about what you do. They know how you services work, how you work, and the benefits they might expect from working with you. They’ve already got a good idea about how you could help them. They have been able to inform themselves (probably from your website). They are already sincerely considering working with you, and engaging your services. It’s fairly easy to close these deals.

4) You don’t have to “chase” your prospects.

You don’t spend your marketing time “chasing” your prospects. They come to you. They aren’t avoiding you or disinterested in your services. They take your phone calls and answer your e-mails. They welcome connecting with and conversing with you. They are curious about your services and feel excited that you might be the answer to their problem. Relating to them feels more like a dance than avoidance.

5) It is relatively easy to convert a prospect into a client.

When you are having the Glory Days of marketing, it’s simple and easy to convert a prospect into a client. It is almost as if they are asking to be your client and you simply have to go through the motions of closing them. They know what they want. You can provide it. They know that you can provide it. They simply want you to reassure them that indeed you can and will solve their problem.

These are the Glory Days of marketing and comprise an excellent description of what you should aim for in all your marketing. When you are experiencing the Glory Days of Marketing, you’ve achieved the most desired marketing results possible. Take note of what you are doing and do more of it.