Fame, Power and Glory Versus Life

Many people nowadays will choose fame, glory and power in comparison with choosing their own health and even preserving their own lives.

A researcher, Bob Goldman, began asking elite athletes in the 1980s whether they would take a drug that guaranteed them a gold medal but would also kill them within five years. To his surprise more than half of the athletes said yes. When he repeated the survey biannually for the next decade, the results were always the same. And about half of the athletes were quite ready to take the bargain. This research is a famous one and they called it “The Goldman Dilemma”.

Winning is everything in this generation. Success is favored against failure and even triumph against surrendering. Humility is sometimes forgotten and pride takes place in so many people’s lives.The question is why did some people are willing to exchange their own lives in order for them to be successful?

As I think about this dilemma three reasons come to my mind:

The first one is, some people think that power, fame and glory are necessities to life. Without these three one cannot exist or cannot live normally. Power is everything and fame is life. Glory is the purpose of living. So many people have these mindset that they live their lives aiming to be successful and powerful. Their everyday lives is made for winning and even simple failures make them depressed and worried. They are always anxious for tomorrow. They are the ones’ who are so busy creating a life which can make them famous and powerful.

The next reason is that fame and power is just an instrument to another end and that is to manipulate other lives. These people are power hungry and they experienced being weak that’s why they crave for power and glory. They crave for superiority. Power is the end in everything they do. These people doesn’t mind if they affect others already, what is important is that they will attain their goal and therefore they will manipulate others like they are manipulated before. These people are those people who didn’t mind their dignity and good ethics as long as in the long run they will be the head and they will be the one to lead.

The last reason is that there are people who crave for power, fame and glory because they are lonely people. They are the ones who, since childhood experienced little care from their parents, or were discriminated by friends and other people. They are living a secluded and sometimes not secluded but very forlorn lives. That’s why they want power and fame so that many people will love and appreciate them. Fame is their avenue of happiness and joy.

With this three reasons, I made a reminisce my life if there was a time that I craved for these three; power, fame and glory. When I was a child my mom and dad became separated and I was left with my mom, but being a child my mom’s love is very sufficient for me. That’s why I never longed for power when I was young.

When I was still studying, I remembered that I did yearn for and seek power by being an officer and president in many school organizations and community groups. My purpose is the power itself, because I thought that it can make my teenage life complete, but it didn’t. What I’d got were more anxieties and depression.

At work I also look for glory. I thought maybe when I got glory in my work and actions they will love me and I will be happy. But this thinking was wrong for I realized that I can’t please anybody because of our individual differences.

And now as I grow older I realized that power, fame and glory is not a good prize for forgetting a healthy life. These three doesn’t guarantee a good life; a happy and contented life. The more I have these three the more unsatisfactory that I will feel and the more anxiety that I will experience. Maybe time will come that I will not be aware that I will face people with lab coats and nursing uniforms because of focusing entirely on these three and finally realize that I live a life or regrets and vanity.

As for me life is more important than fame, power and glory. For these three will not last but life when taken care of will last on other people’s lives.