Notes on Better Catastrophic Health Insurance

Catastrophic Health Insurance is something that is on many people’s mind. That’s right, you need to make sure your life is taken care of in case of anything that might happen. If you watch the news at all, you know that there is a life out there that can get complicated in many different ways. You need to know that there is peace of mind and helping hands ready to give you a safety net. You don’t need to live in complete denial of what can happen out there. So why not make sure you’re covered, and your family is covered too? It’s an important decision to make, and one that does not need a persuasive argument to attain, it’s something that should be inherent.

Catastrophic health insurance is not something that many people talk about. It’s something that should be discussed amongst families that are concerned and realistic. You don’t need to be completely gripped by fear, but you need to make sure that you can get yourself a good plan of attack in case you are a victim of something big and tragic.

Don’t just sign pieces of paper that hold empty promises. Make sure that you get something better over all and make sure that life goes on for you and others. There is nothing out there that is going to be better than meeting a great glory of protection, so make sure you have it. If you’re not ready to talk about such a thing, maybe you should try and figure it out, because there’s no worse feeling than knowing you’re unprepared.

Queen Joanna Received Her Crown of Glory From Her God and Father in Heaven

Joanna was the Queen of Spain, Naples, Sicily and other dominions who was never allowed to claim her rightful throne because of her commitment to the Biblical reformed faith in the 16th century. At a time when kings constantly changed religions for political expediency Joanna gave up everything because of her unfaltering commitment to her Lord Jesus Christ and the Protestant faith. During the cold war, when everyone knew that Russia would attack America someday in order to spread her communism across the globe pastors often asked, “are you willing to die for Jesus Christ?” A more poignant question is, “are you willing to live for Jesus Christ?”

It was probably her disgust over the tortures perpetrated by her mother and father, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand, during the Spanish Inquisition that drove her away from Rome. After her marriage to the archduke of Burgundy Joanna was taken to the Netherlands where she came into contact with the teachings of the reformed faith. This served to strengthen her negative impressions of the Roman Catholic faith. Isabella, attempting to arrest the decline of her daughter into heresy, sent Roman Catholic friars to convince Joanna of the rightness of the Roman Faith. She passively refused to partake of confession and other rites of Rome during these visits. Although Joanna was pained at the displeasure of her mother she remained steadfast in her commitment to Biblical faith.

Seeing that Joanna would not be moved, Isabella began to form the plan that would keep Joanna from ascending to the throne after her death. Her first move was to make it a matter of law that her husband, Ferdinand, would take control of the government if Joanna were not present, or able to exercise her rights to the throne. Then she started the rumor that Joanna was mad. Of course the priests believed this because anyone who would reject Rome and its authority must be mad.

At Isabella’s death Ferdinand publicly announced that although the crown belonged to his daughter he would continue to reign during his lifetime. Joanna seemed to be willing to accept this arrangement, but not so her husband. Phillip protested, proclaiming that, “Ferdinand has put into circulation a false report of the madness of his daughter…solely with the view to furnish himself with pretext for seizing her crown.” In the end Phillip joined with Joanna’s father in the plot to keep her from the throne, and later her son, Emperor Charles V, added insult to injury by exerting his authority to pressure Joanna to return to the Roman faith and to keep from her rightful dominions.

As her health deteriorated and it became apparent that the end of her life was approaching, Charles V redoubled his efforts to convert Joanna. She stood firm against efforts to force Roman Catholic rites upon her, she refused all symbols of Romish superstition, and never did accept extreme unction. It is said that the people could hear her cry out during the tortures designed to force these rites on her.

Joanna was kept from her throne, she was tortured and imprisoned by her husband for ten years, her father for thirty-nine years, and by her son emperor Charles V. In her words, she was consoled through these great injustices by her God and Father in heaven. Joanna lived a most miserable life for her Lord Jesus Christ. Her example in this to future generations is the crown of glory that she never wore on this earth.

Men’s Sexual Health Guidelines – A New Angle on Penis Care

When it comes to penis care, the majority of men have the basics down, and they follow a similar routine just about every day when it comes to grooming and hygiene. On the other hand, while all of the steps they were taught growing up – by parents, doctors, and health teachers, most guys are not aware of one vital step that could make a big difference in their overall penis health.

The average male follows a routine that looks something like this:

    • Hygiene – Of course, cleanliness is the first step to good health, and there is no substitute for a daily shower or bath to cleanse away any built-up grime, sweat, body fluids and dead skin cells. Keeping the penis clean is necessary for preventing issues like fungal infections, irritation, swelling and unpleasant odors. Washing with a mild cleanser is best, as ordinary soaps can dry the delicate penile skin; and men should avoid scrubbing with rough cloths or sponges – the fingertips alone will do the trick.
    • Grooming – Many men opt for a little extra grooming beyond the cleansing step; trimming or shaving the pubic hair is a good way to keep the area neat and tidy, control odor, and present the manhood in its full glory to a potential partner (for those who haven’t heard, trimming or shaving the bushy hair around the penis can actually make it look bigger!).
    • Protection – Every male who has been through a high school health class knows that a major factor in sexual health is using barrier protection for each and every encounter. Covering up is not only the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancy, save abstinence – it is also the most effective way to prevent sexually transmitted disease. For men who cannot tolerate latex, there are plenty of good alternatives, so there is no excuse for missing this important aspect of penis care.
    • Self-exams – Most diseases and conditions can be treated if they are caught in the early stages, so men are encouraged to carry out a regular self-exam. A monthly inspection of the penis and scrotum, with the help of some gentle probing and a good magnifying mirror, can help men detect small problems before they turn into big ones.
    • Annual checkups – As with the steps described above, most men are reasonably aware that they should be seeing their doctor for an annual checkup; and for men who are sexually active, a trip to the STI clinic or urologist every 6 months or so can help them protect themselves and their partners from infections that can lead to serious problems.

What’s missing from the penis care routine?

Men who make the steps listed above a part of their personal care routines are well on their way to good sexual health, not to mention good health overall. However, there is one further aspect of penile care that can give men an extra boost when it comes to fighting diseases, performing at their peak, and experiencing pleasurable sensations.

Even men who exercise daily care and protect themselves and their partners during intimate encounters can sustain surface-level damage to the penile skin. This damage can be cumulative and can cause a breakdown in the nerve fibers that transmit pleasurable sensations to the brain. Furthermore, constant friction – whether from clothing or from sexual activity – can cause a keratinization response in the penile skin, where a thicker outer dermal layer is formed as an extra level of protection for the body. Unfortunately, this protective response can also contribute to a gradual loss of sensation – and even a decrease in function.

To avoid these problems, men may consider adding a top-shelf penis vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to their daily regimen. A cream that is fortified vitamins, antioxidants and rich moisturizers can provide an extra layer of protection against friction-related injury, as well as helping to constantly rejuvenate tissue that is damaged during the wear and tear of daily life. Applying a cream like this after a shower, once or twice daily, can leave the penis feeling soft, healthy and responsive.